The National Graduate School of Quality Management

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We were pleased to complete such a collaborative and all-encompassing project in partnership with The National Graduate School of Quality Management (i.e. NGS). As we went through the phases of UI and design approvals, we worked across several different levels in their organization to ensure everyone was on board and happy with the finished product. The scope of the project also increased as we were able to execute rapidly. We found a unique solution that improved upon previous structure when NGS needed help with several new forms for their students & staff. We were able to find a state-of-the-art (and inexpensive!) solution through leveraging the platform. As with all our clients, we continued to gain new insights and find better and faster ways to provide great solutions for each hurdle that we faced.

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  • Services Provided

    • UI design
    • web design
    • development
    • CMS with Wordpress
  • Client Testimonials

    Thanks to all for your gracious flexibility and commitment to making the new NGS site a “benchmark.” — Robert Gee, President of NGS