Estimate for:

– setup testing environment and mirror site | 4 hours
– header change for all pages | 3 hours
– homepage changes | 2 hours
– interior page changes | 2 hours
– meetings, approval emails | 2 hours
– testing all changes in major browsers | 2 hours
– back up old site and launch new site | 2 hours

Total about 17 hours and should not exceed 20 hours. Our hourly rate is $120.

Total: $2,040 – $2,400

I can’t really help you with #3 and #4 in your proposal without doing a major overhaul.

Original Statement of Work from

Below are the tasks we would like completed to tweak the Data Killers website. All work should be done on a separate site and not uploaded until approved. The website should not be down at any time.

1. Edit WordPress header. Header changes should appear on all pages within the site. See attached PNGs.

a. Move primary navigation bar to the right.

b. Re-order primary navigation bar with “Our Services” listed first, followed by Corporations, Government, Press Releases, About Us, Contact Us

c. Remove “Customer log-in” button from navigation bar.

d. Remove secondary navigation bar.

e. Move logo to the left

f. Move “When you need stuff destroyed…” to the center.

g. Insert contact information in top right hand corner, including phone numbers and e-mail address.

h. Add additional local number: 301-583-8399

2. Changes to homepage. See attached PNGs.

a. Replace current photo with new photo.

b. New text beneath new photo: “We shred anything into tiny pieces right at your site!”

c. New text to right of photo: “Data Killers offers on-site destruction services nationwide in addition to secure shipment options. We offer the industry’s smallest shred size. Our standardized policies, procedures and training guarantee destruction exceeding legal guidelines. Our Assured Compliance Program and Certificates of Destruction are nationally recognized by all government regulators.”

d. Create three columns at bottom of page: “Data Killers offers the following on-site data destruction services to nationwide customers.”, “We destroy” and “Our certifications include”. Contents of columns should reflect what is listed in the attached PNG.

e. “Customer log-in” link should be at the bottom of the home page, but not on the WordPress footer. The link should only be visible on the home page.

3. Help with making our site more tablet and other mobile device friendly.

a. Work with us to determine what changes need to be made to the current WordPress template.

b. Provide mock-ups and wire frames prior to the actual changes.

4. Help with site reconfiguration and relaunch.

a. Help with reviewing and suggesting changes to our new sitemap prior to launch.

b. Assistance with any problems we encounter launching the new site. Ideally we should be able to do this through the modified WordPress template.

5. Help with hosting, 404 errors and 301 redirects.

a. Currently hosted with and having problems with 404 errors and down time. Provide assistance working with the site and with GoDaddy to eliminate these problems.

6. Provide mock-up and wireframes of the header and home page for final approval by us.

7. Build on staging server, test website, etc.

8. Provide final product for our review and approval.

9. Launch. Website must not be down during business days.

Questions regarding this estimate?

Please feel free to contact me 240.383.0811 or my email and I will be happy to answer any questions.