What is a WordPress CMS? (and why is it a crucial to a successful website strategy)

As the internet has gone from that funny-sounding dial up modem and the days of “You’ve got mail” to an integral part of our daily lives through broadband connections, smart phones, and now touch screen tablets like the iPad – websites that were built more than a couple years ago are getting behind (or completely obsolete!).

Do you have a website that you have no idea how to update?

Do you have content on your site that is completely out of date?

You’re not alone, in fact, you’re in very good company.

Most companies and individuals realized several years ago that they needed a presence on the Internet.  They wanted a website.  In fact, they realized that they NEEDED a website.  But since not every company is a web based enterprise, most companies didn’t know what they wanted or needed, or really WHY a website was so important.

So, they built what we like to call a business card website.

This name fits for 2 reasons:

  1. One of the main goals of their site was to simply HAVE a site.  A website URL on their business card added some level of credibility.
  2. Not knowing what to put on the website, it was treated like a glorified business card.  It essentially looked like an overgrown business card with the only useful data being contact information (e.g. phone number, email address, etc)

So what happened next?

Well, some of these business card websites actually started making money!  Good money.

People realized that they could acquire tangible clients & revenues by having a website, along with a good product or some fortunate search engine rankings.  If that “first-try” website could do so well, folks quickly caught on to how important a good, optimized, easily navigable website was to their business.

But, that doesn’t make all of us web programmers.

Businesses quickly learned that they were highly dependent on a web programmer each time they needed to change their website.  Even if they only needed to make a small text change!  Finding the programmer that built the site, or anyone that could make the change was often frustrating or expensive, usually both.

A problem this big needed an even bigger solution.  Was there a way to standardize the building of a website so it’s easier to update?  Or take it a step further, what if someone could build a user-friendly interface so regular folks like you and me could update a website as easily as sending an email?

You can.  Everyone can.  Enter the age of the CMS.  (and the crux of this long-winded answer)

You have your answer!  Thankfully, that is a exactly what a WordPress CMS.  Don’t worry, in case you missed it here the answer is again, in greater detail.  A WordPress CMS is a platform that is used to build a website in a standardized manner, so updating the site can be done by anyone.  In fact, with the WordPress CMS that we use, you will be able to do more than make text changes.  You’ll be able to

  • Make text changes and add/remove copy
  • Add/remove images
  • Add/remove videos
  • Change menus and widgets
  • Create new pages for your site (or remove obsolete pages)!

That is why everyone wants a WordPress CMS for their website.  People are ready to take the reins in their hands and own, update, improve, and manage their website.  The days of complete dependency on a “techie” are over.  The power of blogging has moved on to websites, and you don’t want to be left behind.

Get your site on a WordPress CMS – it might just be the last time you need a “techie” to manage your website!

Oh, and fortunately, that’s just one of the services we provide, and we would be happy to get you on a WordPress CMS today.  Feel free to give us a ring.